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GOP Anti Immigration Stance Harming Party

One day white people will be a minority. And just like blacks remember the advances for civil rights made under the Kennedy/LBJ administration, Hispanics will remember Republicans vilified them in the ’06, ’07 and ’08 elections. With a new poll from Pew Research showing Latinos prefer Democrats to Republicans by 2:1 spells bad news for the GOP.

Now I know some of you may be thinking that “The Republicans anti-illegal immigration stance is not racism.” But in one example of more blatant racism, the Republicans skipped a debate on Univisión. Republicans use codewords like “illegal immigrant” and “states rights” to communicate ideas that if expressed as “Latino” and “Black” would anger the few conservatives of color in the GOP.

This policy is already not working for the party, if not backfiring. In the Virginia 2008 elections Republicans unsuccessfully used anti-immigration scare tactics to win seats on the county and state level. But the Republican party lost seats in Virginia’s senate giving Democrats a majority, and failed to gain any new seats in the Virginia House.

Why must the GOP resort to singling out groups like gays, Blacks, and Latinos to win an election? Because the Republican party truly represents the rich and the corporations and they must find a way to appeal to the “little man” without offending Corporate America. But with Whites (especially the racist component) quickly dwindling it looks rough times for Americas corporations and wealthy.

To be wholly honest the Republicans will be attending a makeup debate on Univisión  after seeing the diastorous results of skipping the first. I’m sure they’ll make more enemies than friends there, but it will still be interesting to see the response. Unfortunately they’re still ignoring the African American vote, just last week they skipped the Brown & Black Presidential Forum.


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  1. Ed says:

    Its ashame to turn illegal immigration into a racial thing because it is not I am a white democrat and I am against illegal immigration. Not legal Emigration’s do not get them confused it is a slap in the face to the people who do the right thing and come to this country the legal way.If I brake the law I pay the price are they better then me do they deserve to be above the law. It is only low intelligent people that take it as a racial thing.

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