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A Photo Tour of Dulles Station

I took an hour walk to the new Dulles Station project that is still under construction. The project is promising, but just like Rosslyn it will take a couple of decades before this area is more than just urban style density.


Wide open spaces, wide roads, and lots of surface parking dominate phase 1 of the project. The parking garages are 9 levels and appear to be of the highest density. But when a full funding agreement is signed for phase two of the Silver Line metro, density will be increased and some tall office towers will be here.


And more open space and parking space.

As for the housing I would have rather seen taller condos. As it is they choose a rather suburban looking design. But they will be installing ground level retail here, which seems an odd choice. Isn’t ground level retail better suited for office buildings?


The project is in partnership with several other companies, which is something I’ve noticed of these newer town center projects. They have the same companies plopping down their cookie cutter buildings, but at least it’s walkable.


The architecture of the office buildings was stunning. To bad the bold style wasn’t applied to the housing. But I do remember the first phases of the Reston Town Center where urban/suburban with way to much green space and surface parking. And now the newer parts seem genuinely urban.

This project is directly across from the future Route 28 metro station and even has some space left in it for a direct connection. My guess is the Dulles TOD area will be like Rosslyn in the late 70s, and will remain a predominantly office market.

More pictures as the project progresses.


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