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Republican Congressman Supported al-Qaida and Taliban

Just when you thought Republican corruption had hit a peak, a Kansas City grand jury charged former representative Mark Deli Siljander (R-Michigcan), who was also Reagan appointee to the UN, with money laundering, fraud and 42 other counts. Here’s what the Kansas City Star said:

A Kansas City grand jury has charged a defunct charity in Columbia with sending money to an Afghan terrorist with ties to al Qaida and the Taliban.

The indictment, returned early this afternoon, also accuses a former U.S. congressman of money laundering, conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Siljander received $50,000 in stolen money to lobby the US senate to remove the terrorist financing organization from a list of banned non profits. The money was removed from the U.S. Agency for International Development. The charges where appended to an investigation of Islamic American Relief Agency, which has sent money to al-Qaida and Taliban

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Why Some Democrats Hate Hilary Clinton

Hilary would hand the election to Republicans. Republicans hate her because she has stood up to all their attacks and came out stronger. This shear hate would motivate non voting Republicans to show up.

Secondly this whole MLK flap, claiming Obama was a drug dealer, circulating fake Muslim rumors, and claiming Bill was the first black president has harmed her standing with African Americans, an important voting block even in a general election. We might just stay home if she wins.

Third Hilary is a polarizing figure. Her polarization in the primaries will turn off many Democrats from voting for her in a general election. Unless she of course can make us hate the Republicans so much we vote for her.

Lastly Kucinich who I support the most, will be giving his votes to Obama in case he doesn’t bring in enough to participate in the convention.

Also a pro Hilary union is suing to shutdown at-large voting locations that are in places where many Latinos vote. Apparently it’s thought the Latinos in Nevada will go for Obama. Talk about infringing on voting rights.

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Apple Updates iPod Touch/iPhone

This is the first time I’ve followed Macworld (yes I’ve been drawn in), and I was excited as hell about the release of the firmware update and additional applications.

I’ve found the Notes application to be useful, but I still want to see a todo program like they had on those Palm PDAs. Also the mail app is nice too, now I’m no longer bound to the Internet for referencing emails.

But the new firmware made my iPod Touch very sluggish. I want to see a serious performance upgrade on the next firmware release. The mail app was especially slow. Also I felt sort of ripped off they charged $20 for the upgrade. I paid for it, but since this update will be free for people buying new iPod’s, and users of the iPhone and Apple TV, it seems like Apple just wants more money from Touch users.

Already, Apple gets a hefty kickback from iPhone bills, and it’s assumed Apple TV users will be making impulse movie rentals from their living rooms.

Also are these new programs designed with the forthcoming SDK? My guess is yes, and they’ll be using it to test out any bugs. Also could they be using it to test how much money users will pay for software. If so my guess is with 5 applications releaed and that going for $20 total, they’ll charge $4-6 for new programs.

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Photo by Joshua Davis (articnomad)

Paramount condos located near the Reston Town Center. In this photo I was trying an idea I learned in New York, the most intersting aspects of the city are at eye level. This is definatly true when composition is limited by other tall buildings.

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Water Drops

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