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Apple Updates iPod Touch/iPhone

This is the first time I’ve followed Macworld (yes I’ve been drawn in), and I was excited as hell about the release of the firmware update and additional applications.

I’ve found the Notes application to be useful, but I still want to see a todo program like they had on those Palm PDAs. Also the mail app is nice too, now I’m no longer bound to the Internet for referencing emails.

But the new firmware made my iPod Touch very sluggish. I want to see a serious performance upgrade on the next firmware release. The mail app was especially slow. Also I felt sort of ripped off they charged $20 for the upgrade. I paid for it, but since this update will be free for people buying new iPod’s, and users of the iPhone and Apple TV, it seems like Apple just wants more money from Touch users.

Already, Apple gets a hefty kickback from iPhone bills, and it’s assumed Apple TV users will be making impulse movie rentals from their living rooms.

Also are these new programs designed with the forthcoming SDK? My guess is yes, and they’ll be using it to test out any bugs. Also could they be using it to test how much money users will pay for software. If so my guess is with 5 applications releaed and that going for $20 total, they’ll charge $4-6 for new programs.


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