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Why Some Democrats Hate Hilary Clinton

Hilary would hand the election to Republicans. Republicans hate her because she has stood up to all their attacks and came out stronger. This shear hate would motivate non voting Republicans to show up.

Secondly this whole MLK flap, claiming Obama was a drug dealer, circulating fake Muslim rumors, and claiming Bill was the first black president has harmed her standing with African Americans, an important voting block even in a general election. We might just stay home if she wins.

Third Hilary is a polarizing figure. Her polarization in the primaries will turn off many Democrats from voting for her in a general election. Unless she of course can make us hate the Republicans so much we vote for her.

Lastly Kucinich who I support the most, will be giving his votes to Obama in case he doesn’t bring in enough to participate in the convention.

Also a pro Hilary union is suing to shutdown at-large voting locations that are in places where many Latinos vote. Apparently it’s thought the Latinos in Nevada will go for Obama. Talk about infringing on voting rights.


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2 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    I think that most people “hate” Hillary for reasons that they can not logically point out to anyone other than those who agree with them. “Hate” her? What has she done? I think that one thing is certain that Bill Clinton’s presidency was the most investigated in US history. The subterfuge was effective because it worked to destroy the credibility of both the Pres. and his wife. Coincidence? We have other “respectable” Dem. voices in gov’t who have abandoned logic and careful analysis in favor of a “message.” They have dissolved the race into a race about race…and, of course, gender. Hillary has less investment in being the “first woman” than does Obama being the “first black”. He has a long tiring speech that spellbinds the unintelligent to a cause he has no ability to cure. Rather than having the class to step aside and allow a seasoned politician with a proven track record to begin working on this nation’s difficulties, he has transformed into a classic pedagogue spouting a litany of platitudes and promises.

    I don’t think that Dems really “hate” Hillary but rather don’t like or trust themselves. The fact that Dems in leadership positions have allowed these past 7 years of numerous occasions of deceit to go completely unaddressed is shameful behavior. Think back to when we nearly impeached a president for a ***&** in the Oval Office and Ted Kennedy and alums have let this administration run wild with the unfettered ability to just trudge on and simultaneously tread on everything this country once stood for. There is an old adage that you can’t really love someone else until you love yourself. This is a case in point. Dems in general have become weak, lazy, disempowered thinkers and “lovers” when it comes to politics. I for one am embarrassed that I spent as much time thinking that they would be able to really figure out that they are their own worst enemies. I think that if Hillary loses this one, she and Bill BOTH need to pack it up and go on the lecture circuit. What is the point of being a loyal, committed civil servant with a proven track record if that is actually something that can be used as a form of liability instead of reliability. Good grief.

  2. Joshua says:

    I wrote this in response to someone asking me the question in the title. And while I have doubts about voting for Hillary, I don’t hate her either. Also from what I read it seemed Hillary was the one who first brought race into the campaign. First she said Obama wasn’t black enough, then in SC she used keywords like “frustrated” to hopefuly steer white male votes from Obama. Then she’s brought up Islamphobia by asking those questions about Farrakhan.As for gender thats largely been ignoreda save a few possible comments by Obama. But groups like NOW have injected a fair amount of genderism into the race.

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