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Hillary Clinton 3AM Call Of Duty Video Game

Comedian Bill Maher and his writers came up with this hilarious war simulator game parody (I know, too many adjectives) involving Hillary Clinton’s infamous Bosnia sniper fire claims. Another funny aspect is Hillary’s opposition to violent video games.


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5 Responses

  1. Fred B says:

    Can we get them both at one LOW price!?

  2. Paul V says:

    So what Hilary lied about bosnia
    barack Obama lied some many time ans worst on several occasion and lied about Jeremiah Wright, lied about his slum lord involvement ,,, Not only that has no agenda, but Obama Voter dis-regards his mistake why shouldn’t Hilary Supporters,,,,,, Do the same,,,, Very dumb observation,,
    But I will let you know some simple fact,,,
    Obama Can not win a big state everyone hung up he won more states,, if you can not win a big state you can not win,,
    Second,, if Hilary loses the primary Obama will only get 25% to 1/3 third of Hilary Votes not enough to win against the republicans,, the other 2/’3 third of Hilary votes will either Not vote or Vote for McCain,, why do you think the Party trying to push a party but its TOO late,
    The lines in the sand have been made, Obama Voter refuse to Vote for Hilary and Hilary Voter will not even vote for Obama for the same reasons,, This Party is Divided and it not going to change, Here is another fact, just in case your that completely clueless,,
    This Race and Party is split down the middle weather you like it or not, Obama only a head by a little over 150 delegates that is nothing,,, Even if Obama win and he come clean,,, and at least 2/3 of Hilary voter do vote for him,,and loses 1/3 of Hilary Vote will not even be enough to win,,, Obama going to need at least 90% of the Democratic Vote to be the republicans,, I voted For Hilary I will not vote for no one else,, but Hey Keep the Faith he going to win,,, LOL

  3. Joshua says:

    I posted this video more for the laughs, and unlike the Reverend Wright controversy, these Bosnia exaggeration actually are funny. Secondly, Obama is completely different than the handful of sermons you saw/heard from the Rev. Wright. And where did you get this slumlord idea from?

  4. Joshua says:

    Also check out this list of important legislation Obama accomplished in his 12 years Senate and statehouse careers:

  5. […] happens. Thanks to The Angry Black Woman. If modern video games are more you’re type, see the video of an “upcoming game“ placing you in Hillary’s boots while in […]

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