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Web Magazines Must Not Be So Succesful

Vibe 2007 sale, imgae taken in 2008.

So last year I subscribed to my first digital magazine, Vibe. I probably wouldn’t have done it except for a sale price of $2.07 to celebrate the start of 2007. There was a catch, only the first 2007 digital subscribers would get that sale price. Well it’s 2008 and Vibe is still on sale for $2.07 for the first 2007 subscribers.

As for reading a magazine online it was an okay experience. Vibe has a property interface which make it harder (but not impossible) for someone to easily share copies. Of course they probably use IP tracking, so I wouldn’t try it. It’s defiantly worth $2, but I’d never pay full subscription to read an online magazine just yet.


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One Response

  1. zoe says:

    looks like a good deal. maybe i’d try it out. thanks for the tip. i also came across something about vibe at

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