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The Pile: Thoughts, Life, and Photography of Joshua Davis


Photo by Joshua Davis (Yes To Videos)


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3 Responses

  1. liberal says:

    I read your comment on Ben Stein’s movie on the

    It was as follows: “I get so tired of all this evolution/creationism jibber jabber. Evolution and intelligent [design] are both theories, meaning there‚Äôs no concrete proof either is true. Me, I beleive that earth was created by God, but that each creature evolved by Gods order. As liberals we should not be slamming people for using freedom of speech.”

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to present to you why you are a moron. First, intelligent design is not a theory. A theory, in scientific terms implies it has established evidence and been through rigorous testing. Until someone can provide evidence for the existence of this “intelligent” being that “designed” everything. Well then, they don’t have shit. If you want proof for evolution, read about Human Chromosome #2, endogenous retroviruses, or the fossil record.

    By the way, the universal idea of evolution is considered a scientific theory, however the statement “Allele frequency changes over time,” which is the fundamental principle for evolution. Is a cold, hard, observable, empirical, testable FACT!!! sorry for being redundant, but if you call yourself a “liberal” try being a little more educated. You’re giving us a bad name. We are usually academia.

  2. Joshua says:

    There is absolutely no “concrete” proof that evolution exists, much like there is none that God exists. There are however many signs which Christians and those with open minds can view as supporting evidence of there being a God. There are also many signs which point out that (theistic) evolution may be true.

    Really once people can separate what created life (God vs. Big Bang…), we can look at science and wonder whether animals evolved over time or just “poof” appeared here. This can be an issue which we can continue to bicker about, or we can sit back and look at facts without name calling, and then come to independent decisions.

  3. Bee says:

    First off, “liberal,” you are a shame to liberals as well. You’re being so close-minded that I would think you are a conservative posing as a liberal. Secondly, if you had the intelligence you claim, you would know that nothing is proven in science. So scientific theory, or even law, is not hard-and-fast fact. Thirdly, if you think you are so “educated,” you might want to consider using consistent capitalization, or at least not slamming people on their educations.

    By the way, Joshua, this picture is beautiful.

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