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Supreme Court Gives a Hand to Criminals, Twice

We have a seriously messed up court here in America. Yesterday the Supreme Court voted to ban executing child rapists. Today the courts struck down Washington, DC’s murder prevention law, a handgun ban. So in one weeks time nations highest court has effectively protected the life of a child rapists, while threating the life of the 600,000 residents of DC, plus of countless other jurisdictions with tough anti-crime measures.

At stake was a question over a coma. The Second Amendment says:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Those who believe the constitution says you can bear arms, so long as you’re a member of the milatary cite the fact there’s a coma and not a period between “free state” and “the right.” I believe that the framers of the document meant for the right to bear arms to be in conjunction with milatary or law enforcement service. However five justices felt that the coma was better read as a period. (Insert joke about justices needing better reading glasses).

Even though the ruling has granted the broad rights that radical groups like the NRA believe are present in the Second Amendment, it doesn’t not rule out laws that cities dealing with high crime, and regular murders could use.

Te District of Columbia should enact a law banning the purchase and importation of out of state weapons by it’s citizens. In conjunction they should also require a license to be issued to sell firearms, and then not grant these licenses to any business. No where in the constitution is a right to be able to purchase weapons found, which is the reason bans on automatic weapons are constitutional. Second, DC and other cities should enact vast gun free zones in high crime neighborhoods racked by near nightly murders.

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