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New Fairfax County Area Blogs

I’ve started two new local blogs. One is for my town of Reston, and is more in the likes of a Gothamist blog. The other one, for Tysons Corner, the twelfth largest business district in America, tracks it’s transformation from an edge city (think suburban downtown) to a real city.

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Teen Treated as Adult who Hated Evil Step Parent

So a teen frustrated with his step father wanted to kill him. Well not really, he wanted to hire someone else to do it. Yet this sixteen year old is being charged as an adult, and being sent to regular jail, where he is likely to be further corrupted by real criminals.

As a sixteen year old with a step parent, I’ve experianced similar feelings of murder. Plotting how to kill both the step parent, and the “sperm” (and money) donor. I’d definatly say that young mans case is one of mental illness, not true murder. If John Hinkley (a man who shot a president) can attend Nationals baseball games, then why is a mentally ill minor put in jail and treated like an adult?

Read the full story.

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Flickr + Video?

I’ve always thought video+pictures+audio would be a killer combination. Sort of like zoomr. Here’s what they said that made me think that.

Our Community Managers will work closely with Flickr HQ’s development and marketing teams who remain passionate about creating the world’s best online media sharing community. Source.

The words “media sharing” is what makes me think that. If that’s not in the pipes I hope Flickr HQ takes this post and considers the idea.

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Digital Highway Robbery

So I was adding another $15 iTunes prepaid gift card to my iTunes account. I had 15 cents left over. iTunes decided that it would take that 15 cents, and instead of giving me a new balance of $15.15, I had a balance of $15.00. Imagine all those extra 5, 10, and 15 cents from the iTunes Store adding up in Apple’s bank account.

If they feel like taking the extra money they should say a $15 card is worth 15 songs, one movie, or 8 music videos.

Then I was looking into online storage from AOL’s new product, XDrive, they charge 1 dollar per month per gigabyte of storage. That’ is no where near competive. You can get a web site with 250 GB of storage for $5 per month.

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A Little Update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. First I finally have my own domain and web host. Second school has been busy, and since I’m already writing a lot I don’t feel like writing here. But I’ll try to post more stuff.
Flowers and Towers 2

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Teen Photo Magazine

Teen Photo Magazine is an ezine published 8 times a year, made by teens, and for teens.

I originally worked with a project CL!CK, an original member who claimed to be the founder wanted me out of the project. Previously it had been dormant for 1+ year, and I reinvigorated it. They where active for about two months after that, but after that nothing had been done.

So I decided to start Teen Photo Magazine. It will be published 8 times a year, 5 times in the school year, 3 times in the summer. The project will have strong leadership, unique articles, and will be published on time.

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Just burn me up

Have a funeral

At a river that goes

To the ocean

Toss my ashes in

Don’t rememember me

By some cement stone

But remember me for who me is

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New Camera

Fuji S5200After three years I finally have a new camera. The new one is Fuji FinePix S5200. My old camera took 4+ seconds to boot, this one takes 1 second, meaning less missed pictures. The CCD (Charged Couple Device) is bigger, meaning less grainy images. And the auto-focus system is much faster. So look forward to even better pictures in the future.

It’s been raining all week long, so no pictures with it yet. But according to authorities it will be drying up soon. Several major through-fares in the DC area where shut down because of mud or flooding. A metro station had 4 feet of water in the part where the train runs, almost spilling onto to the platform, which would’ve been extremely dangerous.

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What’s Wrong with the RIAA

Sound Is LifeI hate those who steal. Even more I hate corrupt enforcement that is worst then the criminals. The Recording Industry Association of America, know as the RIAA, is worst then those who steal music. Enforcing their rights on the music is a fair thing to do. But when you start suing innocent parents, who don’t know Koozo from Kaaza is wrong.

For starters the RIAA should create a universal DRM, sans root kits and spyware. They should create an API so that any media player, both software and physical can use Universal DRM. The system should work like FairPlay. One account stored on a central database. But the greedy RIAA, wouldn’t want to pay Apple royalties on it’s FairPlay patents.

How Universal DRM would work. When I rip a CD it is permanently registered as belonging to me. The CD would have a unique number, and that number is registered to my account when the ripping begins. Even if I make an exact copy of the CD, the unique number stays the same, so that no one else could rip the CD. The ripped tracks would also belong to my account so that only five, or X amount of devices are authorized to play that CD, copies of it, and the ripped tracks.

Since the software that controls authorization would be easily programmed in to media players, and devices like the iPod, and Zen, any company could add this functionality to their devices.

The RIAA is afraid artists will no longer use record companies. If they can sue the sh*t out of file sharing creators, then people will be afraid to create new ones. That makes it harder for independent artists, and for that fact movie makers to distribute their media. Then we’re back to the RIAA, and Motion Picture Association of America know as the MPAA controlling everything.

Since the American government is becoming more Marxist (minus the belief in the economic forms of Communism) it will make it easier for them to control the media. That’s one reason why the government gives so much backing to these institutions. When the little man can make news broadcasts, there will be no calling up CNN, and threating to remove their FCC license if they broadcast content the government wants secret. They could try to shut down the millions of sites, but that would be futile.

I’ve never stolen music, I pay for everything I listen to. No downloading from free sites, no shoplifting. Well I do download from free sites, like It has music that is free, as in price, and freedom. Some majors artists use the site like Fort Minor, but it’s mostly independent artists. A lot of the music is great, but much of the media is your typical Creative Commons licensed content.


Creative Commons – It’s a license (like those pesky EULAs you see when installing new software) but it grants certain rights, along with restrictions. For instance they’ve a license that allows the work to be copied as long as it is non-commercial, and attribution is giving to the author.

RIAA – The Recording Industry Association of America was created to standardize the equalization settings of record albums. Now they’ve expanded to copyright protection, and more importantly, protecting the monopoly of the three big record companies

MPAA – Similar to the RIAA except their jurisdiction is over films.

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$700 My name is Joshua Davis, with that information I'm still anonymous, 22 million results appear with a Google search. Since you know I like photography search for my name plus photography and you'll find me near the front of Google. Of course there's more to me than photography, I program, write, and fool around with Photoshop.

I was born 45 minutes – walking distance – from where I am writing this biography, in a not so suburban suburb of Washington DC. That was in November 1990. I've always been interested in how things work. When I was young instead of playing with a toy in the “normal” way I'd investigate why the wheel turned, or what made the remote control vehicle drive.

Both my mother, dad, granddad, and step mother, have either worked in the computer science field, or are working in it now. Both my mother and dad sparked my interest in computers. On one visit my dad introduced me to Hypertext Markup Language, commonly know as HTML. I learned the basics and made lots of “ugly” websites. I later became interested in real programing and started learning C, the worlds most used programing language.

My grandmother introduced me to photography. Five years ago I'd see her every Saturday, and she would buy me a disposable Kodak camera. That Christmas she bought me a $99 digital camera. I sold photos from that camera and soon upgraded to the Fuji Finepix S5000, a much better camera.

Since then my photos have been used in textbooks, to many websites to mention, and many local publications. As of June 2006 my photos had been downloaded/viewed over 40,000 times.

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