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What are the most Sex Hungry Nations?

According to Google Trends, the top ten all come from the east. With the number one being a Muslim nation, Egypt. Now if you look at languages, English comes in at number 8, and Polish comes in at 3. Arabic is still the language with the most searches for sex.

See it for your self here,

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Flooding In Mid Atlantic Region

WashoutOver 200 streets in Virginia and Maryland where closed Wednesday as governor Tim Kaine declared a state of Emergency. The District of Columbia removed it’s emergency mode on Thursday, since rains had largely stopped. A stationary front is responsible for much of the rain.

The IRS headquarters where closed due to damage to electrical systems, and will be closed for several weeks. Tax operations will not be affected, and employees located in the flooded buildings will telecommute, or work at an alternate location. The National Archives will also be closed through the 4th of July. Documents like the Constitution are not damaged, but massive humidifiers are operating to help keep the environment correct for the historical documents.

Over five people are dead from flood related incidents. In Maryland 3 young men where killed after being swept off a flatbed from a pickup. The men had been rescued from a car in rising waters, when the waters swept them out the flatbed of the pickup.

When water is more than six inches deep and flowing it can easily knock an average adult over. Seek high ground immediately during a flood, and do not walk into flowing water. One foot of water can float cars and SUVs, while six inches can cause most vehicles to lose control.

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