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Barack Obama and Islamophobia

When this election cycle began I expected a fair amount of shovanism, homophobia (because of Giuliani) and racism.

What I didn’t expect was anti-Muslim sentiments against a Christian candidate running for president. Perhaps this has reached a climax with debate moderator Tim Russert asking about Farrakhans endorsement of Obama.

Then Hilary Clinton tried to gain points by saying, “You asked specifically if he [Obama] would reject it [the endorsement] and there’s a difference between denouncing and rejecting.” Obama replied, “If the word ‘reject’ Senator Clinton feels is stronger than the word ‘denounce’, then I’m happy to concede the point and I would reject and denounce [Farrakhan]”

Obama went on to clarify his position on the issue:

I think that they are unacceptable and reprehensible. I did not solicit this support. He expressed pride in an African-American who seems to be bringing the country together. I obviously can’t censor him, but it is not support that I sought. And we’re not doing anything, I assure you, formally or informally with Minister Farrakhan.

This isn’t the first time Islamphobia has creeped into the 2008 election. Previously both the McCain and Clinton campaign have made a big deal of Obama’s middle name, which is Hussein. Then there are the leaked photos that are designed to conjure images of radical Muslims in turbines.

But a major point of Obamas campaign has been about uniting people. He wants to see Democrats and Republicans, black and white, Mid West and East Coast all work together. Perhaps one of the most divisive divides today is none of the above, but Jew versus Muslim.

Obama needs to reach out to both groups if his message of unity is authentic. If he truly denounces Farakhan as a whole he will be alienating black Muslims. What he can do is reject his anti-Semitism which he has done. Besides, in recent years Farrakhan has even denounced his own anti-Semintic comments.

But apparently many in Jewish community realize this was a game to score cheap points. Here’s what Jewish newspaper Haartez says:

Obama, talking about Farrakhan – and about anti-Semitism among African-Americans, which he also denounced in his speech on Martin Luther King Day – touched a sensitive nerve when he was talking about one possibility that’s inherent to his candidacy: he has the chance to restore the alliance between blacks and Jews.

This will not necessarily get Obama the votes of every Jewish liberal in this country. But it is also one promise that no American liberal Jew can simply ignore.

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American Muslims Support Suicide Bombing

A poll from the Pew Research Foundation, found 25 percent of Muslims felt that suicide attacks where okay in some instances.

“Some instances” is the keyword here. If Westerners are attacking your family, and your only option is to give up your life, to protect your family what would you do? I hope both you and I would make the ultimate sacrifice, if we could protect our family, or others we felt where close.

The real challenge is fighting counter terrorism. Just like there’s counter racism (for those who don’t know, discrimination against racists), I have an alternate definition of counter terrorism as being another form of terrorism, except it is sponsored by the American Government. Israel’s behaviour in Lebanon last year was state sponsored terrorism. America’s invasion of Iraq was state sponsored terrorism. So maybe if this so called counter terrorism was ended, the threat of terrorism occurring would also decrease. You do not win a man’s respect, trust, and confidence by killing his family!

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The Number One Threat to Families

Imagine there’s a house burning across the block, but instead the firefighters are inspecting a newly built house. How fucked up would that be?

That’s what’s happening with homosexuality. America has a huge problem with single parent households, yet the “family police” are busy protecting us from gay marriage. Divorce creates way more instability problems in marriages of divorced kids. They (we) have know idea how a real marriage is supposed to work, while someone growing up, even under a dysfunctional one, at least knows what not to do.

Meanwhile you’ve got kids waiting to be adopted, and willing homosexual parents out there. These kids will probably grow up and be straight. It’s a simple reason, these gays obviously had “straight” parents, and for one reason or another turned out gay.

So instead of fighting gay relationships, why don’t conseveratives put their work on extingushing the bigger fire?

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Goverment and Sexuality

I was over at Yahoo! Answers answering a persons question about sex laws. This lead me to discover that in Virginia, all forms of sex except for vaginal are illegal. My assumption for this law was based on religious reasons, ie not allowing gays sex, and a perceived notion that the bible bans other forms of sex.

Now if this law is based off religion it actually flies in the face of Christianity. 1st Corinthians 6:18 says “…he who sins sexually sins against his own body.” So if a person gives oral to their spouse they’d be “sinning” against their own body. It’s not even like this would endanger society.

In summary Virginia should change this law. If they’re afraid of alternative forms of sex causing other problems, they should restrict sex to two married partners. But for whatever reason this law is on the books should be repealed.

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Obama’s Flaws

Fox news has found these “dirty secrets” from Obama, but from a conservative view what is wrong with them?

1: He smokes.

Most congressman do smoke, in fact Nancy Pelosi banned smoking near the house floor, and many lawmakers where ticked by that. Bush also received 60 million dollars in donations from tobacco companies for his 2000 presidential run.

2: Barack Obama does nothing for African-Americans.

Why should this be a problem? Conservatives want to get rid of “special interest” groups anyways.

3: Connections to Islam.

Some have concerns about Obomas middle name, Hussien, and his Muslim father. Isn’t Bush a person who rubs his Christainity in everyones face? So whats wrong a “covert” to Christianity becoming president?

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Is Spanking Abuse?

A California lawmaker dropped her push to make spanking illegal, and instead seeks to limit certain types of discipline.

From personal experience I can say spanking is good. My mother disciplined both me and my sister with a belt, and in latter years with a ruler. Sometimes it would cross the line, like when a ruler split in a half. But in our teen years me and my sister obey our mother (and authority) more than most young people.

One time my mother had her friend at a historical black church, and her white friend asked “Why are the children so well behaved?” The service was one of those three hour events. The reason is because African-Americans are more likely to discipline their children. This follows historical reasons, if a black child where to steal a candy bar from a store, the entire black community in the town might suffer. So disobeying parents was possibly a matter of life and death.

Another time an anti physical discipline parent complained to the Children Protective Services about us being spanked. CPS investigated, and found nothing wrong. But what if they had found it to be abuse? I’d probably be in a foster-care system dealing with who knows what.

Unfortunately African-Americans – inparticular – are moving away from this, and the result is having an obvious impact on African-Americans, and the entire community.  If California where to ban spanking, lets just say the state would have many more problems with crime, drugs, unwanted pregnancies, and a generally dysfunctional society.

The lawmaker has now reached a compromise and will ban certain types of spanking, such as using a belt, or a switch. But my dad was displined with an electrial cord, so clearly this bill is still a failure in preventing abuse.

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Who Needs a Marriage Certificate?

Starting from personal experience I’d say no. My parents “officially” divorced after six years. My dad has had one girlfreind for six years, and they’re still going strong.

The average American marriage lasts for eight years. The average serious (marriage like) homosexual relationship lasts seven years.

So why is a piece of paper nessacary? If you choose to live with someone for life, why must you apply for a certificate? According to the Christain Bible (which western law is based on), a person becomes “one flesh” after sex. This one flesh can be viewed as a marriage. If you stay with that person for life, than why can’t govement, society, and religion recognize it as a marriage?

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Salvation, salvation, salvation! Over and over the pastor was shouting salvation. While listening to the radio and washing dishes my mother was about to switch stations. Right then I asked “What is salvation?” My mother told me “It was when someone asked Jesus into their heart.”

Being three I accepted that at face value. I later asked “To have salvation.” I prayed the sinners prayer, and accepted Christ, believed that he died and rose again, and confessed my sins. If you’d like eternal life leave a comment on my blog, or eMail me.

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