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The Global American Dictatorship

Whenever something terrorist like is occurring in this world, I always notice a heightened presence of police/fire department patrols. The most recent time this happened was yesterday, when Musharraf further turned Pakistan into a dictatorship. Then I realized this dictator wasn’t one of the bad guys, but was an ally of Bush.

Every time I realized this guy was American backed I got a bad feeling in my stomach. As Americans we’re supposed to be freedom lovers – so much that we’ll kill 500,000 Iraqis to give them “God’s gift.” But then this dream of freedom was shattered (sarcasm). I realized that America was supporting a milatary junta/strongman/regime or whatever the neocons word of the day for those are.

It also seems contradictory, why Bush supports an elected Democracy in Iraq, but not in Pakistan? It appears that all he cares about is being able to control foreign leaders. In Iraq if you don’t support Bush’s political will, you get thrown out of the green zone – to the angry mob.

This so called American interest foreign policy doesn’t benefit Americans, because it fuels anti-Americanism. If I was living in an oppressed country that bowed to every American whim, I can be sure I would hate this country. And do we really want the world to hate us? Maybe leaving other countries alone, and letting them develop a non-American dependent military and economies would be better for America in the long run.

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Review: No End In Sight

Award winning film, No End In Sight documents the cause of failure in Iraq. They interviewed many government and former government workers involved with Iraq. Presented us with footage from the war, and generaly managed to keep the audience from dozing off.

The film felt very much like a propaganda piece – propaganda that any liberal would want see, but still there seemed to be no objectivity. For instance they seemed to pick photos and video of Bush that added nothing to the movie, except for showing what a dumbo he is.

No End In Sight

Some of their interviews seemed to take what the interviewers where saying out of context, for instance I noticed a couple of times there was a transition in the middle of a speakers sentence. But many of the leaders who realized they had made mistakes, where willing to talk. They told us what exactly went wrong, which while it certainly didn’t offer any help to fixing Iraq now, it offered insights in what not to do next time. The ones who still felt in debt to the president, or not at fault, offered little insight into what went wrong.

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Ending Government Corruption

I can’t help but wonder how rare government corruption would occur, if stronger penalties where handed out. At first look the execution of Zheng Xiaoyu seems fair, he took bribes to approve medications, that wound up killing people.

But then on second look China seems to be this execution more for show than for justice, because they want to show that they’re serious about ending “cheap” Chinese products, such as tainted dog food and toothpaste, andeven malfunctioning fireworks. But this sentence came unusually quickly and hasrshly.

But then you see America where you can lie and obstruct justice and not have to serve any jail time. While political corruption seems like a domestic issue for the country involved it’s not one. Even though Lewis Libby was an issue of domestic issues, there have been other instances of corruption of the Bush administration, that have had international consquences, such as the false excuse given about WMDs and bioweapons in Iraq.

There should be International standards for how corruption is handled. For instance deliberately approving products you know might cause death should result in fines that amount to the revenue earned from that product being sold. And while I certainly don’t want harm to occur to my America, lying to start a war should result in some sort of arms embargo, and since many of the biggest contributers to wars are countries that make most of their weapons, countries should be banned from both buying and selling milatary equipment with such offending countries.

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Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Oil

Those who believe in global warming say it will bring more hurricanes. Al Gore said Katrina was a result of global warming, and weather the Iranian Typhoon was global warming or not, both had two things in common. Oil.

This typhoon flooded key highways used for transportation of oil, sending oil prices to $67 a barrel. It’s funny how nature has a way of evening itself. Just like a forest fire will will trigger rain, it apears that excessive fossil fuel usage will cause gas prices to rise to a point where we stop using them – at least in excessive amounts. Lets take a cue and use less oil before mother nature forces us too.

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American Muslims Support Suicide Bombing

A poll from the Pew Research Foundation, found 25 percent of Muslims felt that suicide attacks where okay in some instances.

“Some instances” is the keyword here. If Westerners are attacking your family, and your only option is to give up your life, to protect your family what would you do? I hope both you and I would make the ultimate sacrifice, if we could protect our family, or others we felt where close.

The real challenge is fighting counter terrorism. Just like there’s counter racism (for those who don’t know, discrimination against racists), I have an alternate definition of counter terrorism as being another form of terrorism, except it is sponsored by the American Government. Israel’s behaviour in Lebanon last year was state sponsored terrorism. America’s invasion of Iraq was state sponsored terrorism. So maybe if this so called counter terrorism was ended, the threat of terrorism occurring would also decrease. You do not win a man’s respect, trust, and confidence by killing his family!

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Immigration Reform in an Nutshell

Sign from pro immigration protest.

While the congress was working on dozens, if not hundreds of pages of immigration reform, I was in my bed thinking up the best way to get rid of illegals make them citizens. Assuming America has 10 million illegal immigrants, and it would cost $1000, to find, process, and transport everyone out of this country America would spend nearly 10 billion dollars. Obviously a large amount of money, and probably grossly underestimated.So what’s a plan that would work, and be cost effective for both the American government and low wage immigrants?

First temporary “Citizenship Centers” would be setup where a person could register to become a “legal” citizen. They’d theoretically be starting a whole new life, with a new identity and such, even all past crimes would be forgotten and forgiven. Hey forgiveness, Mr. Bush, isn’t that a Christian thing? Anyways, they’d give basic information like an address (could be a church or some other place, if they’re homeless), name, age, and all that other standard stuff. Then they’re issued an “Patriot Card” which includes that information.

The Patriot Card is what proves they’re here legally, and it would even include a photo. Some might object to this “Patriot Card” because it would single out fresh immigrants, but it would have some advantages too. For instance it could be wired to a database that had a point system attached to it. Points could be added to your card for taking ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, and keeping a clean driving record. Points could be deducted for drunk driving, arrests, and failure to properly report earnings. Eventually after a person received a certain amount of points they become a full class citizen.

Now with a certain level of points, they’re here legally, but they (or their employers) have to pay higher taxes on them, they could be more quickly ordered to take a driving refresher class if one is found to be driving in a dangerous manner, and so on. These increased taxes would be used, to pay for the new immigration system, and as way of recouping untaxed income, though that later probably wouldn’t be regained dollar for dollar.

Then after the current immigrants where taken care of, the hard part of true immigration reform would come. First we’d take down that stupid and illegal Mexican border fence – since the number one cause of illegal citizenship in America is due to overstayed VISAs – and not foot traffic. Second America would let as many immigrants come here. They’d be subject to the same “Patriot Card” system, except without the increased taxes. And if they did not accrue enough points with the card, they’d have to go back home.

Photo by, Alexander Steffler, covered under CC-BY.

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What Does Iran Really Want?

Iran claims the British soldiers where trespassing in disputed borders. But I’m sure that’s not why the soldiers where kidnapped.


Bring global attention to the disputed boundrary. This might cause Arab nations to unite behind Iran, because they view Iraq as too western.

Negotiate for sanctions to be removed, or at least gurrantee no additional sanctions are added.

Increase oil prices. Then use the West’s dependce on cheap oil to get what they want, which if the number one is correct, for them o

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Thanks For Taking My Money

I knew a man who was robbed, and after he complied was then stabbed. That’s what Haliburton has done. They’re moving their headquarters to Dubai, from Houston.

So Haliburton takes billions of American dollars, and then, moves to another countries city. And the conservatives are mad that immigrants send 10% of their paycheck home.

Guess they’re wanting to steal the UAE’s fortunes next.

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5 Easy Ways To Save The Environment

Maybe it won’t save the world, but it will help reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Turn your computer screensaver to an all black version. While a slideshow, or pretty fireworks may be nice to look at, it takes extra processing power which takes more electricity.

2. When you’re not using a charger (cellphone, battery, iPod…) unplug it. The chargers still take electricity when nothing is attached to it.

3. Work in a 3 level office? Use the stairs if you suspect you won’t be sharing the elevator.

4. Use a clock (and other gadgets) that run off alternative energy, such as solar in the day, and battery in the dark.

5. Use Google whenever possible, they take deliberate efforts to save electricity. This is effort is multi-pronged, they save electricity in the server room, and in the office space.

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YouTube Unbanned

In case you missed it Turkey banned YouTube. My first assumption was because of those ass shaking girls, and homosexual kisses offended some Turks. It turned out users uploaded insulting videos of Turkey’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

These videos where uploaded by Greek users who have an ongoing feud with Turkish users. The Turkish court banned YouTube because it is against the Turkish law to make fun of Mr. Mustafa. The alleged video called him a “fag.”

After critisim from Reporters withouth Borders, the turkish court undid the ban.

I’m sure glad America wouldn’t do this, considering the large amount of anti-American, and anti-American government videos on YouTube. Also if you search for anti-American videos, be warned you should have knowledge of Arab, Spanish, or Russian.

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