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Family Painting Barn for Obama

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I Am an Angry Voter

I’m an angry voter. I worry that a Clinton or McCain administration will continue the same Washington politics that are destroying our nation. Like politicians getting free vacations trips to tropical destinations for signing free trade deals at the request of lobbyists.

There are many blacks like me that share this same anger, and even bitterness. But some of us might look at the white male factory worker as getting what he deserves, because for past generations he had¬† a free “white male” card. Blue collar workers might look at us as lazy, destructive people and wonder why we’re surprised Wal-Mart won’t open and bring employment opportunities in black neighborhoods.

But in the end the white father and the black father are both angry when they find it hard to place food on the table. Whether as Americans, they scrape money from the grandparents or from the federal government, the shame of not being able to provide for your own family creates anger at the system.

But the media (funded by corporations) and selfish politicians are seeking to divide Americans that are affected by the same failed economic policies, so that they can rake in more money and profits. They’re creating “voter outrage” of Barack Obama’s “bitter” comments. His statement was intended to help a group of elitist California fund raisers understand what the unemployed American feels. Every election cycle presidents and senators pose against shuttered factories and promise jobs. And the January after each election cycle we see more American jobs sent to places like Asia and South America.

The Washington and corporate establishment is scared that a candidate has finally called politicians on their economic BS. The establishment is worried that blue collar America and urban America might realize our economic issues are the same. If Americans are able to look past the small differences that separate us, and exercise our right to make America  a better place, corrupt politicians and companies looking at short term and selfish gains will be forced to change or leave.

Bitter is not a bad word. I am “Marked by resentment or cynicism” as the dictionary says, when it comes to politics. When watching you, your family, your community, and your country slowly dieing because of irresponsible decision making, it is no shame to be a bitter voter.

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Why Some Democrats Hate Hilary Clinton

Hilary would hand the election to Republicans. Republicans hate her because she has stood up to all their attacks and came out stronger. This shear hate would motivate non voting Republicans to show up.

Secondly this whole MLK flap, claiming Obama was a drug dealer, circulating fake Muslim rumors, and claiming Bill was the first black president has harmed her standing with African Americans, an important voting block even in a general election. We might just stay home if she wins.

Third Hilary is a polarizing figure. Her polarization in the primaries will turn off many Democrats from voting for her in a general election. Unless she of course can make us hate the Republicans so much we vote for her.

Lastly Kucinich who I support the most, will be giving his votes to Obama in case he doesn’t bring in enough to participate in the convention.

Also a pro Hilary union is suing to shutdown at-large voting locations that are in places where many Latinos vote. Apparently it’s thought the Latinos in Nevada will go for Obama. Talk about infringing on voting rights.

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